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Let's here what people are saying:

CIHC Student

by Tay Ya Yun

Being part of a community makes me feel safe and supported in my journey towards being a Certified Health Coach - knowing that I have fellow classmates progressing together, passionate & experienced mentors guiding us, resources/ materials readily available online for coaches usage or revision and a ready platform for certified coaches to go out into the field after course completion - it gives me more confidence to take that big step forward to do something I've always been thinking about but didn't get to it due to fear of failure and lack of support - the community feels like a family even though we are just doing online classes - even the admin team is also very warm and welcoming in onboarding potential coaches

CIHC Student

by Jayce Chuah

I believe together as a community giving supports to each other as health coaches, helps us to achieve our goals firmly and moving forward with less struggle than fighting the battle alone.